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Our commitment extends beyond financial support to beneficiaries. We strategically channel funds towards scalable community businesses, fostering self-sustainability and job creation. This proactive approach empowers individuals to create lasting impact, cultivating thriving enterprises that benefit both the recipients and their communities, aligning seamlessly with Social and Environmental Governance principles..


We offer a wide range of procurement development services that supports your B-BBEE scorecard Preferential Procurement Targets and Strategic Planning. We work with businesses of all sizes and industries to help them achieve their goals.

Enterprise & Supplier Development

Our team has years of experience in developing Enterprise & Supplier Development initiatives. We bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every project and are committed to delivering exceptional results.

Skills Development

Boost your workforce with tailored Skills Development programs, fostering innovation, productivity, and a growth culture. Elevate team capabilities, ensuring strategic skill-building aligns seamlessly with business objectives for sustained success.


We believe in taking a sustainable-driven approach to Socio Economic Development and international standards and goals for Environmental, Sustainability & Governance. Our process involves in-depth research, analysis, and strategic planning to ensure that our clients true value.

Data Analytics

Pioneering Holistic Transformation: Our initiative, guided by data analytics, promotes inclusivity, bridging gender and racial gaps. Focused on boosting Net Asset Value, we target high-impact sectors, ensuring success in transformation, job creation, and global standards alignment. Monthly, quarterly, and yearly reports ensure seamless progress tracking.


Our ability to assist beneficiaries reach entrepreneurial journey milestones has allowed us to cultivate unique access to funding options that sustain all procurement demands. We find, fund and feed supply chain opportunities.